Custom foot orthotics for racquet

sports can make a significant

contribution to your performance

on the court.



tennis-orthoticsYou play hard to win.

You’ve invested in high quality technical shoes.

Now, your muscles are engaged, transferring energy down the lower limbs. It’s up to your feet to grip the court.

How well your feet perform or fail to perform consists of many factors, known as foot function. Overuse, injury, age, and common foot conditions can weaken foot function and affect the power in your game.

Contact-Us-BoxOptimizing that interface between your foot, the shoe and the court is Boston Pedorthic’s contribution to enhanced sports performance. With advanced custom foot orthotics for racquet sports, you can grip the court floor with stability and healthy support to prevent injuries, and maximize energy transfer for best performance.

It is understood that you can get your sports orthotics from nearly anyone, anywhere. But racquet sport players, and other athletes and clients of ours report truly enhanced results. That's because of the skill and advanced technology available in a setting dedicated to treating your individual requirements. Thoroughly.

Squash Shoes, Tennis Shoes, Racquetball Shoes

Isn’t a good shoe sufficient? That depends upon your foot function.

At a minimum, your court shoes should:

Mass-produced shoes cannot address everyone’s detailed needs, and to address the high-impact nature of squash, tennis, racquetball and other racquet sports, custom foot orthotics provide full contact and accommodation that non-custom footwear cannot hope to achieve. Not all custom foot orthotics are created equal. A truly great orthotic can go much further to support your individual foot over a lifetime of active living, comfortably and safely, so you can enjoy your sport to its fullest.

Lightweight Shoes: structural support vs. weight

Conventional wisdom holds that a lightweight shoe is an important attribute for sports performance. Certainly, less weight buys less resistance, translating to more stamina in competition. However, when the foot is working overtime to function properly, your energy resources are draining quicker than under optimal circumstances.

Because it has more mass, a custom foot orthotic will weigh slightly more than the stock inlay it replaces. Is it worth it? Orthotics can be used or not used on a case-by-case basis, while the athlete, armed with knowledge about their own foot function, can intelligently make wearing decisions. This learning of ones own foot function is a core benefit of an encounter with Boston Pedorthic. The Pedorthic viewpoint is an individualized approach, addressing each athlete’s condition on its own merits, and offering strategies to achieve precise results to the athlete’s personal requirement.

Our clients rely on their orthotics as part of their general arsenal for their high-performance equipment, and would not play without them.

Pedorthic Assessment: Racquet Sports

A highly individualized approach, combined with in-house, precision technology for producing detailed custom foot orthotics for racquet sports, yields the best results for a more powerful game and the best structural support for your feet.

It starts with an in-depth Pedorthic assessment of your foot condition relative to your footwear and performance requirements. Beginning with a recounting of your history and symptoms, the pedorthist will examine your feet and your gait, and seek to determine the contribution your footwear can make toward your goals.

Why pedorthics? More prevalent in Europe than the US, a pedorthist is an allied health professional, focused on footwear, as it performs to meet your individual foot condition. Pedorthists are skilled in evaluating shoes, detailing custom shoes, manufacturing custom foot orthotics, and providing orthopedic modifications to shoes.

As an athlete invested in your feet for precise mobility, you can expect to find the pedorthic assessment highly informative and valuable to you. At this time, there is no charge to see a Board-Certified Pedorthist by appointment at Boston Pedorthic for an initial evaluation.

Because custom foot orthotics are a specialty of Boston Pedorthic, we use a combination of technologies and possess the skills that you can rely on. From high definition, 3-D imaging to computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM). This means better results. You can expect improved stamina, stability, pain-and-pressure-relief, comfort, power and performance from your custom foot orthotics for racquet sports by Boston Pedorthic.

Learn more about Boston Pedorthic’s Advanced Custom Foot Orthotics.

Expect more from your Custom Foot Orthotic for Racquet Sports

If you’ve worn custom foot orthotics before, you can expect more value from Boston Pedorthic. Your custom foot orthotics should feel great. When your foot impacts with the ground, you can expect much more contact and power. And that will make you a better athlete.

Custom foot orthotics for racquet sports require detail to be successful. This includes the capability to respond to your feedback and experience that becomes apparent to you only after you’ve worn and used the orthotics for a while. Detailed fit and satisfaction for you is achieved by making subtle changes to modify regions of elevation, pitch, and material. Follow up capabilities by Boston Pedorthic for further assessment of your feedback and experience, combined with expert and quick modifications, deliver detailed orthotics that perform optimally.

Control over all aspects of production, from design and manufacture, to materials selection for fabrication, is all important criteria for best practices at Boston Pedorthic. That’s because custom foot orthotics for racquet sports need to be adjusted and tailored to meet your specific needs for performance and comfortable toleration. Experience and expertise assure that your needs for adjustment and modifications are responded to quickly and effectively.

It is important to note that all work is performed by Boston Pedorthic staff on machinery owned and operated by Boston Pedorthic. The benefit to you is that Boston Pedorthic has the ability to build not just any orthotic for court use, but your orthotic, for your game, addressing the particular forces that can cause problems in your feet and limbs. Precisely and responsibly.

Play better tennis, squash, and racquetball.

The result is superior support of healthy joint alignment, superior capabilities to offload painful pressures, thorough coverage of the weight-bearing surface of the individual feet, and full integration of shoes and foot orthotics.

You’ll play better tennis, squash, racquetball, and other court sports, when you wear your custom foot orthotics by Boston Pedorthic. For years to come, you’ll experience more power, more comfort, and protection that helps maintain the structural integrity of your foot function.

Each person is different, with specific, individual requirements for best results. Indeed, each foot is different, the left, the right, and what happens between them. A highly customized and detailed approach is Boston Pedorthic's signature to custom foot orthotics.

It's easy to get started. Just call (617) 787-8779 to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation appointment, conveniently located on Commonwealth Avenue, just north of Cleveland Circle in Brighton.

Start experiencing more power on the court!

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