Optimize your favorite basketball cleats with custom or prefabricated foot orthotics for the ultimate advantage!


Run Faster & Jump Higher!

Custom Basketball Foot Orthotics

basketball-shoesYour wide basketball feet feel great in a custom foot orthotic by us. More comfortable, precise to .10 mm and fully integrated with your wide basketball shoes so that the shoe and custom foot orthotic work together as a unit.

orthotics2Active, high impact sports such as basketball require support during stance, during ballistic movements like jumping and lunging, and certainly during running. Foot support is key to power, stability and stamina and to help maximize injury prevention. A mass-produced, wide basketball shoe can only go so far in providing precision support and relief of painful pressures acting on your feet. You may need the custom support that an advanced basketball orthotic can provide if you...

Thank you for investigating us for your wide basketball feet, on and off the court. Play Stronger. Play Better!

Advanced Custom Foot Orthotics
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